Come Prepared:

Before you bid on an item it is pertinent that you have a bidder number assigned to you. At our auctions, you can obtain a bidder number from the office. The office will be found either in a pull-behind trailer, in the concession stands, or possibly behind 4 or 5 tables topped with computers and printers. There will be signs pointing to the office. The office workers will ask for your driver’s license to create your buyer profile then assign you a number.

If you would like to add your Tax ID number to your profile let the office workers know when you are checking in. You will need to complete a Sales Tax Exempt Form and turn it into the office before checkout.

Payment is always expected from live bidders within 30 minutes of the auction concluding. Please remember to bring your checkbook, cash or credit card to the auction!


Tip#1: Always have your bid card handy! I have seen buyers staple the bid card to their hat and keep the bid card in their shirt pocket – both of which are fairly secure and handy. Please do not stuff your card into the bottom of your purse, or fold it ten times before you stick it in your pocket – the longer we have to wait to see your number the longer the auction will go.

Tip#2: Find a ring man (bid taker) to relay your bids to the auctioneer. A Jack Nitz & Associates ring man will be in the crowd wearing a blue company shirt. They will notify you when you have been outbid and ask if you would like to bid again. Using one of our experienced, trained ring men will reduce confusion for bidders; the auctioneer chant can be overwhelming for an inexperienced ear.

Tip#3: A buyer’s premium is charged at various auctions and appropriate state and city sales tax is charged at every auction. Make yourself aware of these charges and bid accordingly.

Auction Rules:

  1. Do not steal – A thief is a thief, whether he/she steals a diamond or a cucumber!
  2. Follow the rules posted at the property of the auction, i.e. No Smoking, Handicapped Parking Only, No Pets, etc.
  3. Only use the public bathroom facilities or the porta-pots provided by the auction company.
  4. Throw your trash away.
  5. Do not lean or sit on tables, vehicles or equipment.
  6. Do not tinker with or damage auction inventory.
  7. Do not marry up with other crowd members to get an item for cheaper – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!
  8. Respect all property!


What to Listen for Whilst Participating in an Auction:

  1. Auction terms, which will inform you on loading instructions, sales tax and buyer’s premium charges, disclosures and other important information will be stated by the auctioneer at the start of the auction. It is necessary that you listen to the terms and read them in the catalog.
  1. It is imperative to be aware of how an item is selling. Sometimes a group of similar items will be sold as “choice” meaning you bid your price and if you win you may pick however many choices you want for that money, you will be charged the quantity of choices times the price you bid. For example if there was a choice of 5 skid steer attachments and you, as the winning bidder, choose to buy 2 of the attachments you would be charged 2 times the winning bid amount.
  1. You must also be aware of when you have been outbid. Seeking assistance from a ring man is helpful.

Sold – Defined:

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. All Property is offered in ‘AS IS, WHERE IS’ condition, unless otherwise specified by the Auctioneer. No Warranties, either expressed or implied, will be offered. Once the Auctioneer says ‘SOLD’, the equipment becomes the Sole Responsibility of the Purchaser. Any/all Purchasers will be expected to rely upon his/her personal inspection or investigation of the property being offered at the Auction, or that of an approved party to Buyer, and not upon any representation of warranty or condition by the Seller or the Auction Company. Seller or Auction Company will, in NO WAY, be held responsible for any discrepancies, damage or loss of any property of Buyer once the Auctioneer says SOLD.

Do Your Research:

Preview the catalog, sale bill and website before the auction. Preview the auction terms. Arrive at the auction early to inspect property; we are always at the auction site 2 hours before the auction begins.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call and ask them! Our phone number is (402) 727-8800!