Our company motto and belief at Jack Nitz & Associates has always been “Our Best References Are Those That We Have Sold For”. This blog will showcase all the performance reviews we receive from our buyers and sellers. Enjoy!


June 26, 2015 – Mailed Letter

Dear Jay,

As we approach the closing of a family member’s estate, we want to let you and your “family” know how much we appreciate the work you did to help us.

When the last of our family members in Fremont died earlier this year, we were suddenly left with the task of sorting, selling and/or giving away all of the personal possessions she had, as well as the home which our Dad had helped build in the 1960’s. We were overwhelmed, 350 miles away from our home, and needed help. We met with three other “venders” and until we met with you and your team, we had no solutions with which we were comfortable.

We did not commit to the Auction you proposed that night. We let you know that we had some disappointments with other auctions in the past. You shook our hands and said you would do your best to not let that happen. The next day we committed to the process because we saw a light at the end of the tunnel in which we found ourselves.

Your team treated us, and the process, with such integrity and respect we couldn’t have expected anything more helpful. Please accept our sincere gratitude and pass it onto your team “family”. If you ever need a reference we would be happy to speak on your behalf to anyone who wants to know. We are now at home and feel good about how all this went.


Tom and June Sinnett

August 6th, 2014 – Facebook Review

5 Stars: Great Company!

Matt Hostetter – Auctioneer

January 26th, 2013 – Facebook Post

Great company – Gets the job done. Have a great year.

—— Kathy Pospichal Green