The Auction Advantage

Why Choose Auction

Why Choose Auction?

Fast – time-defined sale.
Fun – for buyer & seller – no negative negotiations.
Transparent – everyone’s on the same playing field.

Advantages for Sellers & Buyers

Buyer Advantages

  • Motivated sellers.
  • Buyers determine the purchase price.
  • Buyers know they are competing fairly & on the same terms as all other buyers.
  • Auction eliminates long negotiation process.
  • Purchasing and closing dates are known.
  • Fast & Hassle free transactions.
Buyer Advantages
Seller Advantages

Seller Advantages

  • Buyers come prepared to buy.
  • Quick disposal reduces long-term carrying costs, including taxes and maintenance.
  • Eliminates drawn out and often tricky negotiations.
  • Satisfies need to sell quickly.
  • Exposure to hundreds of thousands of targeted buyers.
  • Creates urgency “now or never” atmosphere for buyer.
  • Known date of sale and closing.
  • Assurances that property will be sold at true market value.
  • Provides a proactive and aggressive alternative to traditional selling methods.
  • Cash terms/ no financing or other contingencies to sale.

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